Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bicycle Epic 2008: Stony Pony

Pretty much everyone you meet in Northern California grows or smokes weed....lots of it, and it's kind of no wonder, the landscape is just so conducive to various forms of stonyness. From top: Parker on the 6 mile decent through the redwoods to Elk Prarie, Fern Canyon and the single track we rode to get there (i got three flats this day, the only three on my entire 1700 mi trip), and at bottom the night sky over Arcata. Oh yeah, I also saw a lady riding a horse on the street, barefoot, talking on a cellphone....see, what did I tell you.


John Penny said...

Completely amazing photos...keep 'em coming!

Bryan said...

that's where i live.
i hope you enjoyed your stay in foggy arcata.